Flugger - Vendor Selection & Requirement Specification

By Arne Svendsen, Industrial-IT Advisor at www.asticon.dk 

This article is a "mutual" testimonial between Flügger and ASTICON. 

ASTICON is advisor for Flügger on Factory-IT applications and integrated production. We have delivered on areas, such as:
* MES/Batch vendor assessment and selection
* Contract negotiations
* Requirement specifications
* Follow-up on deliveries

See the Customer Testimonial in text-box below -  by Lotfi Zaabalawi, Head of Supply Chain Engineering at Flügger.

Flügger is a very ambitious Supply Chain business, leading within its Industry Segment, and thereby a very interesting customer to serve. Flügger is, by the way, one of the Danish companies, which has had significantly larger sales during the Corona time. 
ASTICON is primarily serving Supply Chains within Food and Pharma, and now also Process Industry.  

September 2020

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Tlf. +45 60 8085 27
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Dear Mr. Svendsen,

In connection with your efforts on the Flügger group strategic journey, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend ASTICON as an outstanding consultancy partner for automation platform projects within the process industry.
ASTICON recently completed consulting services, regarding a large framework agreement between Flügger and one of their biggest business partners. ASTICON’s services for Flügger included the development of specification of requirements for Flügger’s future automation platform, streamlining of our contract negotiation processes to meet Flügger´s interest of requirements and secured discounts/savings through negotiations.
With ASTICON´s knowledge and expertise gained from years of analyzing and operating within the industry, ASTICON educated Flügger in best practices, mapped the operational support project management and coached team members. ASTICON was able to help employees understand ways to more effectively perform their daily work tasks.
ASTICON´s knowledge and attention to detail, has helped in keeping our strategical projects on track, during a very compressed timeline. I feel confident in recommending ASTICON ApS.
ASTICON is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss any concerns and respond to questions.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.
I can be reached at +45 40 64 75 10 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lotfi Zaabalawi

Facts on Flügger (extract from www.flugger.com)
Flügger is an international company which takes its starting point in Scandinavia. The turnover is approximately DKK 1,900 million. The company is listed and has about 1.500 employees.
With roots dating back to 1783 the company was originally family owned. Majority shareholder is Ulf Schnack, who took over after his father in 1970. Jimmi Mortensen is since 1st of August 2016 CEO of Flügger.
Flügger designs and markets a wide and coordinated assortment within decorative painting, wood protection, spackling paste, wallpaper and tools, of a high quality, which is being sold via the retail chain Flügger Decor with almost 400 stores in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and China. Flügger owns approximately 60 percent of these stores.
Most people have heard of the chain concept of Flügger. But Flügger is much more than that. We have been presented with a number of awards within design, and we produce trendsetting design wallpaper.
Flügger is market leader in Denmark. The company also sells products to DIY stores through the sales unit Unicell Nordic. In Denmark the distributor chain PP professional paint A/S is also owned and operated by Flügger, and in 2019 Detale CPH ApS became part of the Flügger family.
In November 2019, Flügger acquired 60% of the shares in Unicell Poland Sp. z. o. o., - a paint manufacturer headquartered in Wasilków, Poland. The majority of Unicell's products are sold to retailers, DIY stores and other retailers. Unicell Poland employs approximately 200 employees and has sales of approximately DKK 145 million annually. The acquisition is in line with Flügger's strategy for growth through acquisitions with a focus on emerging markets.
Flügger has five factories located in three different countries, which produce both tools, paint, and designer wall paper. Our paint factory in Kolding from 1970 is the oldest factory within Flügger. The wall paper factory in Gdansk, Poland, is our latest and was built in 2009. Factories in Sweden are located in Bollebygd, Bankeryd and Bodafors.

In the Danish city Kolding millions of liters of paint are manufactured.
The factory in Kolding annually manufactures around 20 million liters of water-based paint, wood preservation and wall paper adhesive.
The factory, which was built in 1970, was rebuilt in 1978 after a devastating fire. When the factory was modernised, at the same time it was decorated by the artist Poul Gernes, who is famous for his systematic work with colours. One of Gernes' most extensive pieces is painted directly on one of the walls in the factory.
You may also download the annual report here:   Annual Report

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