We Cover All Areas in Factory IT Solutions

Our Services in Factory IT
Professional Factory IT Consulting for Any Production

ASTICON offers professional guidance for successfully implementing production automation / Factory IT at various levels.

We define ‘Factory IT’ broadly as IT-solutions in the areas of: Manufacturing-IT, Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, Operations technology (often used by the acronym IT/OT).

It could be one of the following scenarios...


You have a Supply Chain
Business Strategy and want
to define a supporting
Factory IT Strategy for
your Business.


You have your Factory IT
Strategy in place and want
to select e.g. an MES
platform to build on.


You have your MES-platform
in place and want to define
factory projects (e.g.
multi-site roll-outs)


You have your MES-platform
rolled out and working and
want to assess or
upgrade the currently
running solution.