The Road to Factory IT Solutions

Our Experience in Factory IT
Successfully Adding New Factory IT Applications to Existing Solutions

Based on our comprehensive knowledge from guiding multinational production companies – both mid-size and large companies such as Arla Foods – we usually start with a mapping of the existing solutions to determine how to meet the new targets, and which Factory IT applications could apply.

This incorporates IT applications for planning, laboratory, maintenance, etc. as well as more production-related applications for execution, data gathering and automation.

We have 15+ years of Experience Implementing Factory IT Solutions In Global Dairy Business

We Know the Technology behind Factory IT Solutions

ASTICON has a well-proven track record with Factory IT projects and applications.
Owner and senior consultant Arne Svendsen has a comprehensive industry experience as well as specialist knowledge and understanding of applications such as:

  • Aveva Wonderware MES 
  • Excelgo Simulation software
  • TrakSys MES
  • PTC Thingworks, MES/IIoT software
  • Mitsubishi
  • Siemens
  • Rockwell
  • Schneider Electric

Additional to these Factory IT applications we have worked with a range of specialised Integrators and Consultancy houses:

  • Integra2r
  • Au2mate
  • ÅF Consult
  • ROIMA Intelligence Inc. 
  • Movilitas GMBH

Some of our Worldwide Connections

Furthermore, ASTICON has built relations with the following companies and organisations for exchange of knowledge, services and ideas:

  • Eltronic
  • SESAM-world, Board member
  • Mitsubishi
  • Aveva Wonderware
  • International Society of Automation,
  • ISA-95, ISA-88 standards
  • ARC forum

Comprehesive Background within Factory IT Solutions

Senior Consultant Arne Svendsen has a technical background in electrical engineering and computer science, enhanced with the following areas:

  • Software Developer – embedded software, PLC-firmware, protocols
  • Application Programmer – Siemens and Rockwell PLC solutions, based on ISA-88.
  • Database Design & Programmer
  • Manufacturing Execution System – Architect and strategy developed.

During his long career Arne Svendsen has gained comprehensive knowledge and expertise as

  • Software Development Manager
  • Manager of IT Consultancy Department
  • Manager for IT team with on-going technical focus (Arla Foods 2002-18), incorporating a very in-depth understanding of how the visible and invisible organsation work in a company.

Furthermore, Arne Svendsen has been selected for

  • Board member at SESAM (a netvork organisation for 125+ of the leading companies in Denmark)
  • Industrial Society of Automation, as member and advocate for the international standards ISA-88 and ISA-95.
  • Board member at OMAC 2014-17, the owner of the PackML machine integration standard. Originator of the programming guidelines for PackML, now owned by OMAC.
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