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How we work with Factory IT
Building Bridges & Mutual Understanding between all Staff Groups

When implementing Factory IT solutions it is essential for the success of the project that all staff groups understand the targets and the roll-out as well as their individual role in the project.

This is done through our workshops and individual talks where we engage all staff groups into a mutual understanding of the bespoke project.

At ASTICON, we guide you...

to build

to build bridges between
the different staff groups
– from high level
to shop floor

to connect

to connect different
groups so as to align their
targets and avoid
“silo thinking” in the

to create

to create confidence
that their colleagues in
other departments also
strive for the best
of the company

Structured & Well-proven Project Phases with Short High-efficient Workshops

ASTICON are specialists in transforming Business Strategy for production companies into detailed Factory IT road maps, actual project plans as well as ensure the implementation of the Factory IT solution. A typical project could look like this:

Phase 1: “We define why & where to go”

We arrange short, high-efficient workshops with management to define the targets as well as scoping the project to “need-to-have” and next steps. This is typically 2 x ½ day workshops.

We don´t waste time and resources on long descriptions in writing, but use easy understandable diagrams and flow charts in PPT and Visio to visualise ideas, scope and targets. This visual communication method enables a quick, mutual understanding of targets, tools and resources to management and staff of the project, which are essential for a successful project.

Phase 2: “We Find the Optimum Solution

Depending of the scope of the project, ASTICON will together with the management decide the road forward, such as:

  • Detailed analysis of business targets (1-2 days)
  • Sanity check by visiting 1-3 manufacturing sites for inspiration and further defining the project, each visit app. 2-4 days
  • Evaluation and highlighting findings for the management as well as presenting an overview with plans for next phase.

Phase 3: “We Set Your Project Team –Incorporating Our Specialists”

ASTICON help you to set up the required project team to ensure fast and transparent progress, meeting of deadlines, reporting to top management, etc. – all to ensure the success of the project. The project team will consist of the company´s own staff and resources, and - when necessary - external Factory IT specialists careful selected for each individual project. ASTICON have a network of partners with highly competent IT professionals.  Dependent of the individual project, we may focus on management, whereas in other projects more technical IT programmers are required. 

We strongly advocate an agile mindset, where complexity is managed by fast steps, each one delivering immediate value.

Phase 4: “We Ensure Implementation on All Levels”

Factory IT projects are often technically complex and with a large number of stakeholders, internally and externally. At ASTICON, we take pride in delivering the best and most competent implementation of the vision, the strategy and the targets of the project to all levels – from top management to shop floor staff.  

Easy understandable diagrams and flow charts...