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Arne Svendsen
Senior Consultant

Factory IT Solutions, Manufacturing-IT, Strategy Development & Implementation

Phone: +45 6080 8527


Klokkerfaldet 91, 8210 Aarhus V, Denmark

CVR: 39644355

Founders Mentality

A few words from the Founder of ASTICON:

Professionally, I am, as I started in 1980, first and foremost – an Automation Engineer, who want to focus on good solutions for the Factory floor. My personal core is the grow-up at a Danish outback farm in the 60/70’ies. Hard work counted, but also a great place to learn multi-discipline works: carpenting, machinery, electricity, early automation.

My master in Power Plants and Computer Science led me to years of embedded software (80’ies), CIM computer-integrated factories (90’ies), Strategy-owner and Director of Arla Foods’ quite famous journey of Factory-IT (2002-2018).

The successful years of multi-site MES deployment at Arla Foods gave me the chance to speak at dozens of conferences worldwide. This effectively became the start of a global, professional network. Still today, I am Board Member in one of the leading organisations within Factory-IT and Automation.

I believe in “hard work” as in the early days of farming.
I believe cost control and clear value for your Business is fundamental.
Any relation builds on trust. In a fast moving world, you and I need to build mutual trust – fast – to have a successful journey together.
I trust, I can guide you – based on own experiences. But more important: I am humble enough to reach out in time - to my huge pool of knowledge in my network. With this approach I can answer any question.

The term ”Founders Mentality” is also reference to the book: The Founder’s Mentality by James Allen & Chris Zook . Recommended read for any Industry Leader.