ASTICON Session #2 - Movilitas Cloud and ISA-95 "compliant" Veri95 MES, 23rd October 2020

By Arne Svendsen, Industrial-IT Advisor at 

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The ASTICON Sessions are webinars, where ideas, concepts, solutions are presented and discussed within this group, all having a dedication for great IT solutions in our factories. See text box for practical information. We plan to start with mostly system suppliers presenting their concepts and later include universities and "other industry view-angles". The figure below is from a recent presentation on MES-MOM-IIoT-Edge areas.

ASTICON Sessions:
#1: 11th Sep. 2020 – COOX MES suite
#2: 23rd Oct. 2020 – Manufacturing suite (SAP MII + Veri95 ..)
#3: xxth Nov 2020 – (in planning, open for ideas)
#4: 11th Dec 2020 –, MS Azure based Industrial IoT solution
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Coming ASTICON Sessions:
ASTICON-Session #2: 23rd Oct 2020: Movilitas Cloud, a multi-tenant L3 solution for serialization in the pharma and agrochemical market. Also, the on-premise solution will be presented where SAP MII is combined with Veri95, a model to build MES/MOM applications. Presented by Marc Blekkink, Managing Partner / Global Head of Business Development at Movilias, but also have a long history in the development of the ISA-95 standard since the very start. 
On Session #2 you can expect a presentation of Movilitas Cloud solution, a.o. with focus on Serialisation and Labelling solutions:
movilitas scale and flex
The VERI 95 MES solution, which can be based on SAP MII, is presented:
movilitas veri95 mii
VERI95 is, as the name indicates, based closely on the ISA-95 standard and examples of integration between shop floor and ERP will be given:
moviltas isa 95 standard 
VERI95 is a versatile MES suite, able to integrate both upwards and downwards:
movilitas veri95 integration
Enjoy the session with Marc Blekkink and his team. 

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