MES Radar survey for Factory-IT

By Arne Svendsen, Industrial Digitisation Advisor at 

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Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Gathering information from YOU
Section 3 - Updated List of MES Vendors


Section 1 - Introduction to the MES Survey
I am often approached by customers within the Manufacturing part of the Supply Chain organisations, raising the question, whether to implement an MES-system or an Industrial-IoT suite - or a combination of both.

The answer is not a simple one..

It depends on aspects such as:

  • The number of production sites, and my customers are mostly in the of 10+.
  • The variation driven by the product variation - and production-process variation 
  • The maturity of in terms of existing Automation level, installed Historians etc. 
  • The as-is "MES solution" - Excel are still widely used Manufacturing Execution Solutions, still in 2020. At least in parts of sites. 
  • The Supply Chain Strategy - including the Digital Strategy.

To better answer questions from customers - as well as from my specialist colleagues by the vendors - I am now collecting information across the market.

Section 2 - Gathering information on current MES market ..

I am hoping to get inputs from you on your preferred MES solution. 

I know there is many of you working as:

MES-specialists in the Supply Chains, and I hope to hear your real experiences, to the extent, you are allowed to share. Perhaps on 1:1 sessions, where I can share some market overview in return.

MES-specialists on the Vendor side. I am happy to set up 1:1 sessions to understand your software, and thereby perhaps be able to bridge it toward my customers requirements. As a minimum, I can give you market feed back in general on what customers are moving towards, it be classic MES and/or I-IoT/Cloud/EDGE

Section 3 - My current MES Vendor Gross-list

Based on a lot of great inputs from my LinkedIn network, my grosslist looks like this - in alphabetic order:

  • Aspen
  • FactoryTalk CPG Suite (Rockwell)
  • Ignition
  • OSIsoft PI
  • SAP ME
  • Simatic-IT
  • Wonderware MES (Aveva)

Other / IIOT / Industry-vertical solutions:

  • PTC ThingWorx ( I need a closer look before I categorise this product - here is the spot where MES meets IIoT)
  • Proleit  (predominantly in Brewing Industry, but not only)
  • Emydex (predominantly in Meat factory, but not only)
  • OAS Pronto (predominantly in Painting production, but not only)
  • Siemens Camstar ( not in food/process industry)
  • PAS-X (dedicated Pharma, but I havent opened the Pharma space -yet )


This article will be updated at ongoing basis with information that I am allowed to share - so stay tuned, thanks in advance. There will be more sections added ..

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