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By Arne Svendsen, Industrial Digitisation Advisor at 

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Yesterday the Danish IIoT/Automation society, SESAM, held its 135th Day Conference, this time on the topic of the Future Automation Platform(s). Great presentations from Danish Universities and Industry Leaders, as well as from Dennis Brandl, presenting the Open Group Future DCS platform. See Additional to this we had an Arduino hands-on workshop, to get closer to - possible - new hardware devices in Automation.
Carsten Nøkleby
Carsten Nøkleby, Director of SESAM, opening the conference. Programme, as you can see, and most discussions are in local language, however with international speakers, this time form IBM and Open Group.
Aalborg Technical University, research and education programme
IBM, presenting Node Red
UCN, presenting Automation Teknolog education
Beumer Group, on Automation for Airport Handling Systems
Dennis Brandl, on Open Group DCS
Workshop, build your own Arduino solution, by
Casper Schou presented the current research in the area of MES - IoT - Automation, and gave a good picture on how the Engineers, produced at AAU, will come out with a holistic understanding of both Classic PLCs as well as new ways - on both hardware and not least software side. Digital twin and simulation/emulation (see also, who are the Danish provider of Emulation software..). I liked what I heard about the knowledge, our young engineers will bring to Industry.
Casper Schou, Aalborg University / Beumer Group / Per Engelbrechtsen
Ups - I missed this one due to time-critical customer meeting. Knowing Per, it has been a great presentation. Beumer is the world leader on Airport Luggage handling systems, and like most other facing the challenge of, not "only" delivering very, very large airport solutions of the future, but also having to support and "lift" solutions, that has been running out there for decades.
IBM Node-Red
James Sutton gave a quite cool intro and detailed walk through of the opportunities of using Node-Red to build flows between shop floor and higher level/cloud layers of the solution stack. See for more information.
UCN Automationsteknolog education.
This section is only of local interest, I believe. Jens Henrik Nielsen the 2-year Automation education, which e.g. is an add-on to Electricians or from Gymnasium directly. There 200 coming out every year, and this is definitely to few, but challenge is to attrach young people to the study. Below is the quite impressive education program for the 2 years:
Dennis Brandl on Open Process Automation
A picture of a screen, where the presenter himself was sitting in Carolina/US presenting via Skype. It worked out perfectly (as you should expect in 2019 ..)
Zero-down time Patching of your DCS system
Dennis gave a great overview of the ambition of O-PAS. To a large extent driven by Exxon, in the first place, there is a huge need, a.o. in oil industry to lift a number of very old refinery plants with technology from the 70/80'ies. The Open Group Forum for O-PAS (OGF is doing lots of other things) consists of major DCS vendors, such as Siemens, Yokogava, ABB and many others. The aim is to build an OPEN DCS framework/solution, where suppliers can offer components. Security is designed-in from start, "zero-downtime patching and upgrades" is also a key. Thank you to Dennis for "joining" us yesterday..
Hands-on Workshop.
The idea of getting hands-on the new technology, has been boiling for a while. Yesterday we succeeded. Largely thanks to Per Müller and his company, who had 3D-printed the components for our Arduino AGV, that we were to build and get running.
25 people in the workshop, with Per and his to guys as our teachers...
I am now halfway, having connected motor drives, cameras, and the Arduino board itself...
Ready to go:
A small piece of the (few lines of) code, that was needed to get going, quite impressive.
And the AGV went up running, as expected, in two hours !
NEXT to come at SESAM Conferences
In the board we are already planning the next conference - due for March 2020.
An obvious topics is to continue, connecting our AGV to the Cloud, using MQTT, Node-Red and other good stuff.
What do you want to hear - on the next SESAM Conference ?
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